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All you knead is loaf! We hope you’re bready for our first ever sourdough bouquet. 🥖🥖🥖

Filled with six sourdough olive dinner rolls and one Cantina sourdough baguette stick, The Olive You sourdough bouquet is perfectly complemented by specialty local products.

The Olive You A Little includes a 250ml bottle of Homeleigh Groves’ award winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and a 250ml bottle of their delicious Balsamic Vinegar, which has been specifically designed to complement the oil.

The Olive You A Lot(tle) includes the incredible oil and vinegar from Homeleigh Grove, plus a 750ml bottle of Sansgria from Altina. Vibrant ruby non-alcoholic bubbles built from botanicals and Australian native ingredients, Sansgria tastes great and has no added sugar - enjoy without moderation! (Pro tip: heat it up for a non-alcoholic mulled wine experience)

Wrapped like a bouquet of flowers, finished with a white ribbon and presented in a long, white, enclosed box.

Consume immediately or store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Shelf life for sourdough rolls and breadstick: 2 days.