It's not every day you think of a fun business idea in an emergency room at 3am with your best friend, however for myself this is where The Bunched Co. all began. My name is Kristen Zeller and I started this delicious business at the age of 18. I deferred University, and with little clue, yet a lot of passion and excitement for business, I made my very first business debut in Canberra where the business continues to operate over 4 years on. 

Business has always been a passion of mine and I have grown up surrounded by incredible entrepreneurs within my family and studied it both in college and part time at university. Running a business excites me! It is an incredibly fun and dynamic career to uphold and every day is filled with different challenges. Since running The Bunched Co. I have gained a wealth of practical knowledge, met the most beautiful people, collaborated with awesome local businesses and most of all found my true passion in life. Everyday I wake up and I want to work, and I really can't ask for much more in life. Maybe besides a holiday every once in a while ;)

Thank you for stopping in to The Bunched Co's website, your time is truly appreciated..


Kristen xx